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Fat Club
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Thursday, August 28th, 2003
4:02 am
the tattoo-fat connection.
Would tattoos make my arms look less fat? and, if they don't at least do that, will they help me get laid due to the badassness of the tattoos? Now, if the tattoos become a fat-distraction...will the effect wear off? will some random boy be lying in my bed and all of a sudden realize that there is fat under the tattoos. I suppose if they were really badass, they might buy me a month or two. I think that's really all the time i need right now.

Oh, and i, too, hate the outrageous prices on fat girl clothing. Extra fabric or not, I think the question should come down to this...either they should make it more affordable and we cover it up...or they leave it as is, and we let the giggley stuff hang out!!!! who's with me?!?!?!?!?

Current Mood: silly
Monday, August 18th, 2003
3:21 am
Is it alright?
I'm sick of having to spend $100 dollars for an outfitt when my best friends sisters can go to Value City and come home with 30 pairs of jeans and shirts for half that. Not that I have ever spent $100 dollars on an outfitt. The last time I went shop shopping was in 8th grade and my Aunt made me go to Hill's where I just bought cargo pants and Korn shirts. Happily past that stage now though. I've really just had the same clothes for about 5 years because I'm one of those people who get shoppers regret and I can't even begin to think of buying pants for more than $30 dollars.

Damn you exspensive fat girl clothes.
Sunday, August 17th, 2003
12:23 pm
Well being that no one else is posting....

Let's talk about boys and living life in the fat lane...(life in the fat lane was a porn that I saw in a store once, funny shit!). I have recently come to the conclusion that i only hate boys because i am fat. I am sure they are nice people to the thin girls of the world, but throw on 80 pounds and they become assholes. Even the fat boys of the world are fucking picky!!!! how can this be??? I think it's time that we start an organization for boys that dig fat chicks. We can call it BFGLA...the boy-fat girl love association. It can be like NAMBLA, but not half as gross. I feel this will save fat girls a lot of time, this way you can just walk into a BFGLA meeting and possibly go home with someone that night! Of course as the founder of the organization, I feel I have the right to reject men into this club. Such as, the normal men that hit on fat girls all the time...gas station attendents that happen to be missing teeth, homeless men, men over 40 that do not speak english, men over 40 in general (unless steve martin or harrison ford would like to join...then who am i really to judge?), men under 40 that aren't rad at all...but still attempt to rock the mullet, super fat- unattractive guys...(I mean they could be cool guys and all, and i like my boys with a little bit of pudge...but i am not prepared to be in a fat-ugly-love couple.), feel free to add more to these at any time. I am going to stop my rambling on here and maybe write in my real journal. I think I am just bitter because I was ignored by someone last night. Blah. It may not have been because i am fat, he could just think that i am lame...I find it unlikely, but whateva. Let's end this in a nice fat club way...I'm hungry and my ass needs something fried in grease. Have a nice day.
Sunday, August 10th, 2003
12:34 am
Birth of Fat Club
So, yeah....I need to get me a Danielle and a Julie in here, and life will be good....

Current Mood: amused
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